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Warennummer / Zolltarif (TARIC) 39269097 - Jahr 2020 - Waren aus Kunststoffen und Waren | Außenhandel 39269097 Warennummer / Zolltarif (TARIC) Waren aus Kunststoffen und Waren aus anderen Stoffen der Pos. 3901 bis 3914, a.n.g Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description Searched for: hs code 39269097 Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (other than fish), whole and pieces thereof Mixes and doughs for the prep of bakers wares of heading 1905, containing over 25% by weight of butterfat, not put up for retail sale, neso 39269097 90 HS-codes.com is specialize in providing harmonized tariff numbers and commodity codes. Visit us online to get the various hs codes and commodity description. Search. Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description. Searched for: 39269097 90 Frozen hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, with bone in, other than retail cuts Edible offal of bovine animals. Here you can see an overview of the commodity codes used in this sub-division. The first six digits refer to the classification in the WCO Harmonized System (HS). This classification is further subdivided by the European Union into the eight-digit Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes. For import declarations, these codes are subdivided further into ten-digit Taric codes. For import and export. The commodity code for exporting and intrastat reporting is 39269097. Export measures and restrictions for specific countries can be found under the export tab

Warennummer / Zolltarif (TARIC) 39269097 - Jahr 2020

Code SH 39269097 - Ouvrages, matières, plastiques Ouvrages en matières plastiques et ouvrages en autres matières des n° 3901 à 3914, n.d.a Waren aus Kunststoffen oder aus anderen Stoffen der Positionen 3901 bis 3914, a.n.g. (ausg. Erzeugnisse der Position 9619 Alongside we help you get detailed information on the vital import fields that encompass HS codes, product description, duty, quantity, price etc. The import data from Seair paves the way for successful partnerships that generate profit for business from both the local and global precincts. HS Code used for 392690 - Import . Hs Code Description No of Shipments; 8511 Electrical Ignition Or. Das HS dient der Bezeichnung und Codierung der Waren mit dem Ziel der weltweit gleichen Einreihung von Waren. Aufbauend auf diesen sechsstelligen Code wird das HS um zwei Stellen durch die Kombinierte Nomenklatur (KN) der Europäischen Gemeinschaft erweitert (Stelle 7 + 8 der Codenummer; siehe Anhang I der Verordnung). Bei der. 39269097 x. Date HTS Code Description Port of Loading Port of Discharge Buyer Name Shipper Name Weight Quantity More; Jul 30 2020: 392220: BAR MAT KNIFE SETS BLENDER METAL CLIP ALUMINIUM POT VEGETABLE CHOPPER BAGEL SLICER PLASTIC CUP PLASTIC ICE BUCKET PLASTIC SHOVEL PLASTIC CAP PLASTIC B... NINGPO: SAVANNAH, GA: N/A: N/A: 6,457 K: 938 PCS: Date of Shipment:30-07-2020 HTS Code: 392220 Bill of.

fill in declarations and other paperwork check if there's duty or VAT to pay find out about duty reliefs To help us improve GOV.UK, we'd like to know more about your visit today. We'll send. Find China HS code 39269090 of Other plastic products. HS Code Product Description Import Data Export Data; 3926: Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials of headings3901 to 391 3926909790 - Other Harmonized System Codes, Taric Code, HS Code, HTS Code, Harmonized Commodity Description, Commodity Codes, Classification of goods, Tariff Nomenclature, Customs Tariff Number, Tariff Classification Our Mission . Participating in simulating the economics and enable the kingdom to be an international logistic centre by facilitating trades over the boundaries and reach expected revenue, the clients interests, save the country and the communities effectively and efficiently HS Code 392690, Other :, Free Search Indian HS Classification, Harmonised Codes, Hs Code India

Find HS code, HS Code 3926, U.S. Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Rates, APEC Tariff Rates, North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Search, U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule, Export Classification Schedules, Schedule B Codes and more Read more about HS Codes here. U.S. Import and Export Data Articles Of Plastics, Nesoi HS Code 392690. Overview. IMPORTS. 2008 2019. Top Origin Country. China Top Destination State. California EXPORTS. 2008 2019. Top Destination Country. Mexico Top Origin State. Texas Ship your product with Flexport. Alongside we help you get detailed information on the vital import fields that encompass HS codes, product description, duty, quantity, price etc. The import data from Seair paves the way for successful partnerships that generate profit for business from both the local and global precincts. HS Code used for 39269000 - Import . Hs Code Description No of Shipments; 3926 Other Articles Of. Zolltarifnummer Verbindliche Zolltarifauskunft: Definition & Überblick Wer seine Waren nicht mit der korrekten Warennummer oder der Zolltarifnummer versieht, läuft Gefahr, empfindliche Bußgelder zu kassieren

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Find a commodity code to classify your goods and look up duty rates, reliefs and quotas. Finding commodity codes for imports into or exports out of the UK - GOV.UK Skip to main conten The eleven digit code number is based on the Harmonised System (Harmonisierte System - HS) which is administrated by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and determines the first six digits of the code number. The HS is a description and coding system aimed at providing a worldwide uniform classification of goods. Building on this six digit code, the HS is extended with two digits by the.

Insertion of a Policy Condition for items under HS Code 33074900 of Chapter- 33 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy). Date: 31-12-2020 Notification No. 53/2015-2020 Delegation of Financial Power Date: 31-12-2020 Notification No. 116/2020-Customs Notifying the date of implementation of Notification No. 102/2020-Customs (NT) dated 23.10. HS Code Description; 84482000 : Parts and accessories of machines of 84.44 or their auxiliary machinery : 84483100 : Card clothing : 84483200 : Parts and accessories of machines for preparing textile fibres, nes : 84483300 : Spindles and spindle flyers, spinning ring and ring travellers : 84483900 : Parts and accessories of machines of 84.45, etc, nes : 84484200 : Reeds for looms, healds and.

Smart searching for commodity codes Understanding of excise duties and consumption taxes CN (Combined Nomenclature) and HS (Harmonized System) Explanatory Notes, tariffs etc. EBTI: European Binding Tariff Information Correlation tables of commodity code changes Classification regulations and amendments Calculation tool for agricultural content with supplementary code(s) Smart searching for. The HS Nomenclature comprises about 5,000 commodity groups which are identified by a 6-digit code and arranged according to a legal and logical structure based on fixed rules. The Combined Nomenclature of the European Union (EU) integrates the HS Nomenclature and comprises additional 8-digit subdivisions and legal notes specifically created to address the needs of the Community. The official. Free Search HS Codes, Indian Hs Code List, ITC Harmonised System Code, HS Classifications, Search HS Code in Chapter 1 to 98, Custom Tariff Hea Latest China HS Code & tariff for 39269090 - Tariff & duty, regulations & restrictions, landed cost calculator, customs data for 39269090 in ETCN. China customs statistics trade data

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  1. Optische, fotografische oder kinematografische Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte; Mess-, Prüf- oder Präzisionsinstrumente, -apparate und -geräte; medizinische und chirurgische Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte; Uhrmacherwaren; Musikinstrumente; Teile und Zubehör für diese Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte Abschnitt XVII
  2. Handelswaren sowie Privatwaren, die nicht im persönlichen Reisegepäck oder im privaten Fahrzeug mitgeführt werden, müssen Sie bei der Ein- und Ausfuhr anmelden. Der Zolltarif Tares enthält alle Informationen, die Sie für die Anmeldung benötigen, inklusive Kosten
  3. HS 000000000000 Copy . HS Heading 0000 . Close . Section Notes . There is no information. There is no information; Close . Chapter Notes . There is no information . There is no information; Main Page; Integrated Tariff; Search in Tariff ; Search in Tariff . Search. Search For: بحث مطابق اظهار النتيجة Hide All Clear Search Search. Print Search Result. Category . Main Page.
  4. Celní nomenklatura, kódy zboží dle celního sazebníku. HS kódy
  5. Unternehmen benötigen für die Abwicklung ihrer Außenhandelsgeschäfte eine Zolltarifnummer, die auch Warennummer oder HS-Code genannt wird. Die Zolltarifnummer ist die numerische Codierung einer Ware. Die Ermittlung der Zolltarifnummer nennt man Tarifierung oder Einreihung der Ware in den Zolltarif der Europäischen Union

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A shipment was imported aboard ocean vessel Boston Express loaded at Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany and discharged at New York, New York on April 5, 2014. The cargo was described for US customs as 'o-ring cap hs code 39269097 country of origin germany h b/l fra0143932 . hollow profile of aluminium alloy hs-code 76042100 country of origin germany hb/l brg0034379 poppet hs code 40169997. Die Zoll- und Umsatzsteuersätze des Empfangslandes sowie anfallende Gebühren können Sie in der Datenbank Access2Markets recherchieren. Die Datenbank wird von der Europäischen Union bereitgestellt und beinhaltet neben allen Informationen der früheren Market Access Database weitere Tools und Funktionalitäten HS Code Lookup Our free import duty calculator provides an import duty estimate for goods shipped from China to the U.S. Final rates are determined by customs authorities. What are you importing? A Magnifying glass. OR. Flexport is the modern freight forwarder on a mission to make global trade easier for everyone. Customs and Trade Advisory ; Airfreight; OceanMatch Cargo Matching; Trade. Fräsgleitanschlag Seitenwangen Fräsmodul HS-Code:39269097. Drucken. Fräsgleitanschlag Seitenwangen Fräsmodul HS-Code:39269097. Artikel-Nr.: WCR201611. Produkt jetzt als Erster bewerten Auf Lager innerhalb 3 Tagen lieferbar 30,00 € Preise inkl. The Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) provides duty rates for virtually every item that exists. The HTS is a reference manual that is the size of an unabridged dictionary.Experts spend years learning how to properly classify an item in order to determine its correct duty rate. For instance, you might want to know the rate of duty of a wool suit

The HTS code is 4-10 digits. The first 6 digits are the same used by all countries in their tariff schedule. Digits 7 through 10 are unique by every country, so they can capture further details on products or make variations on the tariff. In other words, these codes are not only important for assigning duties onto a traded product, but also providing data in terms of international trade. An. HS Code for Products Import and Export. Get the latest and accurate list Indian HS Code for Products Import and Export to and from India at the international level. Read More. Import Export Data. 05-Nov-2020. India Import and Export Data. Get latest and updated India Import and Export Data to search valuable importers and exporters for import export trade business. Read More. Export Products.

GST HS Code and rates for 39269097 HS Code, GST rate, find tax rate . IGST ACT, 2017; CGST ACT, 2017; Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act; Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002; Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 ; Public Provident Fund Act (PPF), 1968; Employees Provident Funds And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952; NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT, 1881; IGST ACT, 2017. HS Code Search. Hscode Search. HS Code STC AUTOMOTIVE PARTS HS CODE 39269097. Bill of lading: 2020-11-03 Letoplast S.R.O. Plastic Omnium Auto Industrial S De STC AUTOMOTIVE PARTS HS CODE 39269097. Bill of lading: Shipment data shows what products a company is trading and more. Learn more. Explore trading relationships hidden in supply chain data. 3.6 Preliminary Information HS; 3.7 Certificates; 3.8 Additional codes; 3.9 Quota; 3.10 Startup file download; FAQ; Site map ; Last update date: 2021-01-11. Customs Integrated Tariff Information System ISZTAR4 has been upgraded from version ISZTAR3 within implementation of one of e-Customs projects as a part of Priority Axis 7 of the Innovative Economy Programme. The modernization of the. HS code; HTSUS codes; ECCN number × US import duty and taxes To find out how much you'll need to pay, you'll need to check the commodity code for umbrellas, and apply the import duty rate for that code — 6.5%. Tax will be due on the cost of the goods without shipping, which in this case is $28,000. 6.5% of $28,000 is $1,820. So for the good and customs duty, you'll pay $29,820 in total.

China HS Code Pre-Classification; Since Aug 1, 2018, China Customs has used new 13-digits HS code for Customs Declaration;. If use incorrect HS codes for China Customs declaration, will resulting in the Customs Clearance failed, Cause additional Clearance time, more storage costs, substantial fines , administrative penalties, even face Civil or Criminal charges HS Code Of Chapter 3926 , List Of Hs Codes For OTHER ARTICLES OF PLASTICS AND ARTICLES OF OTHER MATERIALS OF HEADINGS3901 TO 3914, Free Search Indian HS Classification Cable Organizers Hs Code 39269097 Bill of lading: 2012-10-31 Cable Organizer Zho Innovation BV Pod Filler Panel Hs Code 8479900 Bill of lading: 2012-09-07 Cable Organizer Zho Innovation BV Computer Parts Hs Code 39269097 Bill of lading: Shipment data shows what products a company is trading and more.. HS Code Locator Company Locator. Search Global Export & Import Data of 78+ Countries. Example: Steel, Brass. Complete Training Video : Click Here. 39269099 - Other of India Custom Duty and Import Tariff and Tax. Important Information: Duty Calculation with SAARC Member Countries. For Duty Calculation with SAARC Member Countries Please Choose Rates Declared on 1-Jul-2007. These Duties will be.

Kunststoffteile (PA 12, TPU): HS-Code 39269097 Polymergips: HS-Code 69139010 Unterstützung durch Investitions- und Kaltmietförderung aus Mitteln des EFRE-Fonds sowie Förderung für Beratungsleistungen aus Mitteln des ESF Additional U.S. Notes (con.) 4. The rates of duty applicable to subheading 5810.99.10 are: 7.4%, but in the case of embroider y in the piece not less than the r ate which w ould appl CHAPTER 1 LIVE ANIMALS NOTE: 1. This Chapter covers all live animals except the following: (a) fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, of heading 03.01, 03.06, 03.07 or 03.08 CABLE GLANDS AND ACCESSORIES INVOICE 2326424 2 HS-CODE 39269097 CABLE TRAYS AND ACCESSORI CABLE GLANDS AND ACCESSORIES INVOICE 2326424 2 HS-CODE 39269097 CABLE... Jasco Products Co. United States Has employee contact information . 238 envíos partido cable tray. 7.8k total de envios . HDMI CABLE, 4FT PREMIUM HIGH SPEED W/ETHERNET AUDIO/VIDEO ACCESSORIES35531 TRAY # MASTER PK Q'TY 8 PCS. Harmonized Commodity Description & Coding System, commonly known as HS Codes and ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) were created for international use by the Custom Department to classify commodities when they are being declared at the custom frontiers by exporters and importers. AHTN is used for trade transaction between Malaysia and the other ASEAN countries, while the HS Code.

Die Einfuhrzollsätze der Russischen Föderation können über die Marktzugangsdatenbank der EU-Kommission anhand des HS-Codes (ersten sechs Stellen der Zolltarifnummer) der zu importierenden Ware ermittelt werden. Zollabfertigungsgebühr. Bei der Einfuhr in die Russische Föderation wird eine Gebühr für die Zollabfertigung zwischen 775 und 30.000 Rubel in Abhängigkeit des Zollwertes der. HS Code 4016930000 Below is a sample of the information available on HTS 4016.93.0000 in Descartes Datamyne's extensive global trade database. For more details, as well as for information on other HTS Codes, click here to contact us, or fill out the form on the right hand side of the screen HS Nomenclature 2017 edition New training opportunity for the private sector More information. Table of Contents Introduction : Abbreviations and symbols ABBREV-2017E. General Rules for the interpretation of the Harmonized System. 0001-2017E GIR : SECTION I. LIVE ANIMALS; ANIMAL PRODUCTS : Section Notes. 0100-2017E. 1. Live animals. 0101-2017E. 2. Meat and edible meat offal. 0102-2017E. 3.

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Zollamt : Telefon : Fax : Auskünfte von/bis : Villach +43 50 233 740 : 01 50 233-5964053 : Mo-Fr. 6:00-22:00 : E-Mail: zollinfo@bmf.gv.a EZT-online Auskunft stellt eine Benutzeroberfl che zur Anzeige der Daten des Elektronischen Zolltarifs (EZT) f r Ein- und Ausfuhr bereit. Hierbei handelt es sich um warenbezogene Angaben wie z.B. Abgabens tze (Z lle, Antidumping- und Ausgleichsz lle, EUSt und Verbrauchsteuern) und au enwirtschaftsrechtliche Ma nahmen sowie Vorschriften HS Code 732690 MISC. IRON & STEEL ARTICLES. The following report will summarize the top U.S. suppliers, methods of transport, receiving ports and destination states for HS 732690 MISC. IRON & STEEL ARTICLES. Furthermore, historical import trends, global market size, and product hierarchy will provide contextual understanding. U.S. Customs data can provide transactional details on about 80 -85%. The first six digits of the 8-digit Swiss tariff headings correspond to the HS. The Swiss Federal Customs Administration makes the customs tariff (Tares) available on the Internet free of charge (www.tares.ch). After selecting the date, the country of origin or destination, the direction of transport (im-port/export), the 8-digit tariff heading, and any applicable statistical key, a click on. This database contains comprehensive information on Most- Favoured-Nation (MFN) applied and bound tariffs at the standard codes of the Harmonized System (HS) for all WTO Members. When available, it also provides data at the HS subheading level on non-MFN applied tariff regimes which a country grants to its export partners. This information is sourced from submissions made to the WTO Integrated.

Eine passende Warentarifnummer, HS Code zu finden ist oft nicht einfach. Wir helfen uns im Forum Zolltarifnummer bei der Tarifierung nach dem Zolltarifrecht. Allgemeinen Vorschriften (AV 1 bis AV 6). Die verbindliche Zolltarifauskunft (vZTA). Auswirkungen der Einreihung auf Ein- und Ausfuhrprozesse. Mercurius : Geschrieben am 24 Juni 2011. Dabei seit 15 April 2011 15 Beiträge: Hallo zusammen. Die MRN-Nummer steht für Master Reference Number (ehemals Movement Reference Number). Sie ist so zu sagen DIE endgültige und einmalige Registriernummer, die du vom Zoll für Ware nach der Überführung in ein Versand- oder Ausfuhrverfahren erhältst. Ergänzt von einem Barcode steht die MRN Nummer auf dem Dokument, welches die Ware begleitet HSN Code: 3926 Products: Other Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Headings 3901 To 3914. Description: Other Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Headings 3901 To 3914. Note! The above result is only for your reference. Kindly consult the professional before forming any opinion. Hubco.in shall not be responsible for any damages or problem that may arise. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT 656 PACKAGES = 23 PALLETS LABORATORY EQUIPMENT HS CODE 39269097 . Duran Produktions GmbH & Co. KG. Germany Manufacturer . 146 envíos partido laboratory. 360 total de envios . LOADED ON 7 PALLETS LABORATORY GLASSWARE / HS -CODE: 70172000 . Bkb Globe International Spedition . Germany . 126 envíos partido laboratory. 287 total de envios . LABORATORY GLASSWARE 53 PACKAGES. Explore active and authentic list of Paint Tray importers in US based on bill of lading. Contact us at +91-11-40703001 to have a list of 100% genuine Paint Tray buyers and Prices

Find out most authentic and trusted Plastic Grinder import data & price based on bill of entry filed at USA customs. Call us at +91-11-40703001 for free sample of report HS Code : 39269097. ESD Professional Service Box PSB4-32 ESD with 32 fixed compartments. Outer Dimensions L x W x H: 260 x 338 x 57 mm; 39,77 € exc tax . Add To Cart . Add To Inquiry Details . 27. ESD SMD box with Hinged Lid 16 x 12 x 15 mm, set of 10 pieces . 130-9-321/10. HS Code : 39231000. ESD Container Lidded Boxes with Hinged Lid SMD small container 16 x 12 x 15 mm, set of 10 pieces. Laboratory Equipment Hs-code 84211920 Laboratory Equipment Hs-code 39269097,84798997, 84799080 Laboratory Equipment Hs-code 84798997,84211920, 84799080,84219100 Laboratory Equipment Hs-code 84219190,84799096, 85439095,39269097,84799080: Eppendorf North America, Inc. Westbury, N.y. 11590 - 0207 Usa Westbury,ny : Eppendorf Ag Barkhausenweg 1 Hamburg, 22339, De: Arrival Date:25-2-2007 Bill of. Description AUTOMOTIVE PARTS = 25PALLET INVOICE 915318 HS-CODE 39269097 HBL BANQBRE4425171 . NOT STACKABEL : Keywords automotive parts : HS-Code HS Code 3926 9097 : Piece Count 75 : Length 4000 : Height 900 : Width 800 : Load Status Loaded : Seal KN518154 : Equipment Description G1 : Type 40 Foot General Purpose Container, Passive vents at upper part of cargo space : Type of Service House to. 3.6 Preliminary Information HS; 3.7 Certificates; 3.8 Additional codes; 3.9 Quota; 3.10 Startup file download; FAQ; Site map; Simulation date. 2021-01-12 Last update date: 2021-01-11. Simulation date 2021-01-12 Last update date: 2021-01-11. Code Description Additional information.

Zolltarifnummern müssen Sie im Zeitalter des Internet nicht mehr mühsam anfordern - es gibt heute gleich mehrere Portale, die sich mit Zollnummern und Warenbeschreibungen samt TARIC-Code befassen. Jens Holtmann, Chefredakteur des Fachinformationsdienstes Einkaufsmanager , stellt Ihnen heute drei nützliche Recherchequellen sowie die wichtigsten Abkürzungen vor Look up your Harmonized System (HS) code: The first step in determining duty rates (also referred as tariffs) is to identify the HS Code or Schedule B number for your product(s). Once you know your product's Schedule B or HS number (the first six digits of the 10 digit Schedule B number), you can determine the applicable tariff and tax rates for a specific foreign country. The Census Bureau. {{metaDataInfoCtrl.metaData.desription} Enter the code below: This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! Find Similar Products by Category. Marine Safety Equipment; Other Details. IMPA Code: 331148 ISSA Code: HS Code: 39269097 Country Of Origin: TAIWAN R.O.C. Customers also viewed. IMPA 331144 FACE SHIELD CLEAR WITH FOREHEAD PROTECTION CLIMAX. IMPA 331148 SCREEN FOR FACESHIELD TRANSPARENT.

Spiralschläuche HS-VK-FLEX20 von HStronic Best.-Nr. 12H4514 große Auswahl ab Lager Top-Marken schnelle Lieferung jetzt online bestellen Zolltarifnummer (HS-Code): 39269097 : Datenblätter und Links zu COX Austraggerät für UHU 200ml Doppelkammersystem Kartuschen Fragen zum Artikel? Weitere Artikel von COX ; Sicherheitsdatenblatt und technisches Merkblatt herunterladen; Bewertungen 0. Bewertungen lesen, schreiben und diskutieren... mehr. Menü schließen . Kundenbewertungen für COX Austraggerät für UHU 200ml. POS.: ITEM: HS CODE: ART.NO.: 1 Rope section for 1145-4 (Each) 63061200 29010 1a Rope section for 1145-8 & 1145-4-N (Each) 63061200 29012 2 P-Link/Quick Link 8 mm, Stainless Steel (Each) 73269098 29014 3 P-Link for Basket no.115-144 (Each) 73269098 29016 4 Top net for Basket, 1145-4 (Each) 56081990 29018 4a Top net for Basket, 1145-8 (Each) 56081990 29019 5 Turnbuckle/Rigging Screw, 12 mm.

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  1. HS Code : 39269097. ESD Drawer, type 250-3. Outer Dimensions L x W x H: 240 x 320 x 57 mm; Inner Dimensions L x W x H: 217 x 313 x 47 mm; 18,88 € exc tax . Add To Cart . Add To Inquiry Details . 12. ESD Drawers type 150-00 . 316-31-112260. HS Code : 39269097. ESD Drawer, type 150-00..
  2. Latest China HS Code & tariff for 83022000 - Tariff & duty, regulations & restrictions, landed cost calculator, customs data for 83022000 in ETCN. China customs statistics trade data
  3. Enter the general description of the item in the Search box at the top of the page and hit Enter. A list of tariff codes (Headings) will appear in the left panel of the page. Select, and click on, the heading that applies to the product for which you are searching. For example, if the product you are seeking information on is a tricycle, and your initial entry in the Search box is toy.

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  1. spanrol hs code: 87169090: 305: 30: colson europe bv: atlas copco compressor llc: 42305, anvers: 1601, charleston, sc: be, belgium: view: 2017-12-04: 871690: on 2 palletsrear light combination led, axleswith breaks 2021/850mm, screw m20x180 din 93 3 kl.10.9, bearing ge 90 es-2rs, t30/30 brakechamber c/w clevis, york 786281/02/af237 - c am lining 420 180, york 786282/02/af237 - anchor lining.
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  3. The United States International Trade Commission is an independent, nonpartisan, quasi-judicial federal agency that fulfills a range of trade-related mandates. We provide high-quality, leading-edge analysis of international trade issues to the President and the Congress. The Commission is a highly regarded forum for the adjudication of intellectual property and trade disputes
  4. Protection degrees: IP54 (DIN EN 60529:2000-09) with gasket and correct selection of cable insert Material: Polyamide (PA) Flame class: UL94-V0, Self-extinguishin

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  1. HS Code is a standard code given to a particular nature of commodity to identify it among international trade. For example, each product or nature of product is grouped under one code or category, every nation by looking at HS Code can easily get know the nature of product. In a world where many languages exist, every country has its own terms for traded products, HS coding was required to.
  2. Fräsgleitanschlag Seitenwangen Fräsmodul HS-Code:39269097. 30,00 € * Norda Ski Einspannwinkel mit Fixiersauger HS-Code:76169990. 42,00 €.
  3. MASONS TOOL'S HS-CODE 39269097,39259080,82055910 SCAC SSLL AMS REF NYC246948, four pieces KIDS'95% POLYESTER 5%SPANDEX KNITTED LEGGING, 20 pieces. Weight 985 Kilograms Route Shanghai , China (Mainland) → Los Angeles, California by vessel YANTIAN EXPRESS (HK) Date Sep 09, 2017 From. GUANGDONG DEF SEALS SOLUTIONS CO . Items Description. PILLOWS AND SKIRTINGS BY BAUMEISTER SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.
  4. istration Marienlystvej 65, 7800 Skive, Denmark Tel. +45 96 14 37 00.
  5. Piè di pagina. Privacy; Legal Notice; Accessibility; Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli - Via Mario Carucci, 71 - 00143 Rom
  6. Electrodes of graphite or other carbon, for electric furnaces Send enquiry; Tartaric acid Send enquiry; Discs springs, of iron or steel Send enquiry; Quaternary ammonium salts an
  7. Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of soft cellulose, coated, impregnated, covered, surface-coloured, surface-decorated or printed, in rolls or in square or rectangula

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Alphabetical Index for Harmonized Tariff of Turkey in Tariff-Tr.com,Turkiye,Applied Tarrif Search,Harmonized Tariff Search by Alphabetical Index,HS Code Choose either the Tariff Code or Description radio button and enter either a partial tariff code or partial description in the field directly below the radio buttons. Select the Search button to the right of the text field, then select a commodity from the results area in the lower half of the window. Delivering Possibility . Remarkable services that go beyond shipping and tracking to help you. Harmonisierte System (HS) sorgt dafür, dass die ersten Stellen in allen teilnehmden Staaten identisch sind. Innerhalb der EU gibt es jedoch zwei weitere Ziffern. Die insgesamt 8 stellige Zolltarifnummer wird dann als Kombinierte Nomenklatur bezeichnet. Und damit nicht genug der Bürokratie: Durch Hinzufügen von Ziffer 9 und 10 entsteht eine sog. TARIC-Nummer. Was es damit auf sich hat, ist. Spiralschläuche HS-VK-FLEX10 von HStronic Best.-Nr. 12H4513 große Auswahl ab Lager Top-Marken schnelle Lieferung jetzt online bestellen 15.10.2020 Artikel Außenwirtschaft Aktualisierung der Anhänge der EG-Dual-Use-Verordnung. Mit der Delegierten Verordnung vom 7. Oktober 2020 hat die EU-Kommission die Aktualisierung der Anhänge I, IIa bis IIg und IV (in Bezug auf die von diesen Anhängen erfassten Güter) der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 428/2009 (EG-Dual-Use-Verordnung) auf den Weg gebracht.. Voraussichtlich soll diese Delegierte.

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US Customs Records Notifications available for Ecoxtrusion, a supplier based in Belgium. See exports to Wilbur-ellis Company Llc A shipment was imported aboard ocean vessel Nyk Nebula loaded at Bremerhaven, Federal Republic of Germany and discharged at Norfolk, Virginia on March 8, 2015. The cargo was described for US customs as 'spare parts for garden products hs-code 39269097,73170080 73181559,73181569,73181590 73202081,76169910,82015000 82016000,82084000,85444290 44170000,76082089,76169990 82011000,82013000,82019000. HSN Code and GST Tax rate for Project imports, Laboratory chemicals, passenger's baggage, personal importation by air or post; ship stores under section-21 chapter-98 If the trader's trades for Project imports, July 10, 2020. HSN code for Works of art, pieces, & antique ch-97. HSN Code and GST Tax rate for Works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques under section-21 chapter-97 If.

Trade Tariff: look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates

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